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7 Custom Framing Ideas to Try for your Images

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Are you trying to find a customized frame for your favorite picture or to display your favorite art? Then, you need to read ahead to know about the latest ideas to ensure the treasured snaps will attract the attention of people and enhance the beauty of your interiors. It will make a valuable accessory for your wall and make your space have warmth. But, picture framing is not as easy as you think. It is only possible to achieve a charming final look by looking into all aspects. So, it needs attention to the details. You need the assistance of experienced and expert professionals from Regency Fine Art & Frame. The experts can help you choose the perfect frame, place, and help you achieve the desired look for the images. While the tasks of finding the perfect frame may seem daunting, you can get the following ideas to inspire the photo/image display in your home or office space.

Custom Artwork

1. Nordic Frame Design

While the framing method is simple, you will fall in love with the beautiful design. It is easy to customize the original and creative framing idea. It will make your images look elegant and have a greater impact when you choose a series of images in a single frame. Regency Fine Art & Frame can make it possible by making your vision a reality as you just have to send the specifications of the project. The artists can create the perfect mock-up for your vision or provide a unique one.

2. Gallery Style Framing

If you have the penchant for collecting unique prints an artwork, then you can display them in style with the gallery framing. It helps you have uniformity with similar timber tones. It is perfect for commercial settings like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, or for residential purposes.

3. Large Frame

Large Frames

You can also opt for a large frame for framing your small art piece or photo. The frame will make the image stand out and offer a contemporary look to your space.

4. White Frame

A simple white frame can make the vibrant colors in the image pop up. The final result will attract everyone’s attention as it looks like the image is jumping from the wall. So, Regency Fine Art & Frame offers the depth to your images or artwork.

5. Wood Frames

You can ditch the conventional picture frames and opt for the customized wooden frame ideas. It will help you display the favorite images or photos in style.

6. Round Framing

A standard picture frame may not feel interesting. So, Regency Fine Art & Frame can offer you different choices like circular/round frames instead of the usual rectangular ones to give an interesting twist.

7. Acrylic Frame

Looking for a clean, stylish, and chic look for your images? Then, opt for the acrylic frame that makes your space look sleek, refined, and sophisticated.

For customized framing solutions, you need to access the expert team of graphic artists at You can get the desired results within no time as the experts use sophisticated technology to offer you creative results at affordable rates. With more than thirty years of experience, the experts are specialized in delivering unique and customized framing solutions based on your specifications.

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