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Steps to execute the fine art of framing sports jerseys

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Apart from collecting sports jersey of different kinds, several people also have the habit of framing them and using them as wall art, for decorating the interiors of their homes. Framing of sports jerseys, which is considered as a specialized art, gives a huge kick to the collectors merely by looking at the massive collection of sports jerseys belonging to their favorite teams. Also, framing sports jerseys can help a person remember about the good times he has had with his friends during the matches, thereby elevating his mood in a jiffy.

The Fine Art of Framing Sports Jerseys

There are various avid and hardcore sports lovers all over the world who are seen collecting and framing sports jerseys of their favorite teams like football, volleyball and basketball. For such people, owning and framing a sports jersey, is equivalent to hitting a million dollar jackpot.

However, framing of sports jerseys is not as simple a task as it may seem so, requiring quite a lot of efforts from the person doing it. Nowadays, there are various companies providing the required hardware, needed for smooth framing of sports jerseys. Different sports jerseys require different framing systems.

For people, who are unaware about sports jersey framing system, the frames used for most of sports jerseys are shadow box frames. These boxes are ideal options when it comes displaying sports jerseys and are preferred by most of the sports lovers. One of the major reasons for people preferring shadow box frames is that, they are three-dimensional cases, which allow light to pass only through one angle. This factor offers advantages of keeping the sports jersey protected from any damages due to clothing being light sensitive.

Also, there are various frames for sports jersey framing which offer special glasses for keeping the sports jersey safe and secure from UV rays, a factor which is preferred by most of the people for keeping their valuable sports jerseys protected.

Post deciding on the frames, all that the person needs to do now is, carefully iron the sports jersey and fold it in such a way that the team emblem or the logo is clearly visible, post framing. The task of framing the sports jersey needs to be undertaken with proper care and caution so as to avoid any future repairs or rectifications.

Coming to buy frames for sports jerseys, one can do so from online as well as offline sources, with the former having a clear advantage over the latter. The online dealers of sports jersey frames offer needle and thread which are required for stitching the jersey to the back support board. A person has to be very careful while using the needle and thread, sans which he may end up damaging the precious sports jersey.

When it comes to choosing the right dealer, online or offline, for buying the frames, one has to put in extra efforts for verifying the credentials of the service provider. One can buy shadow box frames from reputed and reliable online dealers who deal exclusively in such products.


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