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Online Virtual Framing

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Do It All Online!

Designs above and beyond the traditional brick and mortar frame shop design table or the cookie-cutter service online stores offer because our graphic designer will create work with you to create your vision, the entire project designed to scale in our software with all the details, colors text and other elements we may suggest and then email it for your approval or any changes you would like to see before it ever goes to the frame shop!

Example 1

old school new era framing old school bl

Braves Home Plate 

This is a good example of our virtual service,  this home plate came in for re-framing and was left with us for virtual framing, we created a custom background with the using the exact braves PMS colors and added two logos, we also suggested a new card set and added the names of all the players of the Braves team.

Example 2

Huston Astros - World Series 2017 

This belongs to one of our regulars, a courier delivered a box to us with all the bat, program, coins, and pin set. Our graphic designer created the background design using the Astros PMS colors and added the World Series logo 
World Series Bat Box & Pins.jpg

Example 3

The Eagles  - Life in the Fast Lane

This client gave us the guitar signed by Don Henly and the group photo, with the request that the outside dimensions be 40" x 24".The graphic designer created this custom background and requested the frame shop add the two chrome rails. 
Eagles - Don Henly - Life in the fast la
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