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Guidelines for selecting the right photo frames

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Any person, looking to boost the overall appearance of his home décor with his family photographs or portraits, needs to select the right photo frames first. Any photo frame, when selected aptly and properly, can go a long way in enhancing the photographs and transforms them into a great piece of artwork. However, although it may seem easy to do so, selecting a right photo frame can prove to be a tedious and daunting task for many.

Customized Photo Frames

There are various factors which come into play when it comes to selecting the right photo frames. As compared to buying readymade or off-the-shelf photo frames, which are available dime a dozen, one should always opt for customized photo frames, for ensuring better results. Following are some useful tips to help you select the right customized photo frames for restoring and relieving your precious and golden memories.

Most people commit the mistake of going overboard when it comes to matching the colors of photos with the frames. Instead, it is advisable to consider the overall tone of the photo and should be matched with the frame.

There are two options while selecting a photo frame, first, light colored frames should be selected for framing photos which are simple and casual, second, opt for a dark colored frames, for photos which are elegant looking and formal.

Custom Artwork

It is essential for the home owners to choose a photo frame which gels well with the overall décor or interiors of the house sans looking odd or out of place. Matching the frame with décor and other furnishings of the house is more important than matching it with the photos which need to be framed. One can choose a photo frame which either compliments the home décor or is in right shade of contrast. Contrast shaded photo frames with the wall color will always boost the overall appearance of the artwork or the images.

Ensure of choosing frames which are differently colored as compared to the artwork or the images. Choosing similar colored frames as that of the pictures can dull the overall impact of the frames which are likely to draw more attention than the images itself.

Prior to finalizing on any photo frames, one should be well informed and decided about the size of the frames, so as to obtain a picture perfect look for the walls.

While there is no dearth of choices when it comes to choosing the materials in photo frames, it is the traditional wooden based frames, which are commonly preferred and opted for by most of the buyers. However, one has the choice of buying metallic frames, which are equally effective in giving a elegant and graceful looks to your home décor. Make sure to choose the right material of photo frame which can complement the artwork which needs to be combined with it.

A wooden photo frame offers elegance, grace and a warm feel depending on the color of wood one has opted for, dark or light. Wooden photo frames with warmer tones are available in color options like brown, red and orange. Wooden photo frames with cooler color shades comprise of blue, green and lavender. Walnut, mahogany, ash, pine and oak, are some of the materials available in wooden frames.

Speaking about metallic photo frames, they have a vibrant and trendy feel to them, making them eye pleasing and eye catching. Thanks to their classy appearance, metallic photo frames are considered as ideal options for framing family portraits or landscape pictures. Metallic photo frames can also be paired with black and white photos which give out a contrasting look.


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