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Each board is custom made to order,  select your hardwood cabinet color

Need a special size or color, just ask.

..........Special Features

* Measures 90" x 65"
* Exclusive Built-in shelf for tiles and tray holders
* Farnstyle wire basket for convenient access and storage of supplies
* Four stand-alone tile holder trays, liquid chalk, and tile bag.
* Quality hardwood cabinet in your choice of colors

..........Other Benefits
Adds an eye-catching decorative element to your decor and a fun way to spend hours together in your rec room, vacation home, community center, or business!

You don't have to finish the game in one sitting, you can leave the tiles up with the group you're playing with until the winner wins!

Because of the size, it can be played by teams sitting at different tables

One complete set of 100 wood magnetic tiles 3" x 3"
Four stand-alone tile holder trays, liquid chalk pen, magic eraser, and tile bag.
French cleat hanging hardware for secure and stable installation

..........Important shipping and delivery Information
This high-quality product is made to order with great attention to detail please allow 4-6 week lead time before shipping.

This set will arrive in two shipments, the board and a smaller box with the accessories.

Make sure you leave a contact number in the notes section of your order so that the freight shippers can contact you for delivery, as someone needs to be home to receive the delivery.

*If you don’t provide a contact phone number you may become liable for the extra shipping costs incurred.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Lester and Robert Herbertson

MEGA - 90" x 65"

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