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Top 5 ideas to make your images better with custom framing services

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Made to measure frames will enhance the beauty of images. If you can upload your artwork or mail to the service provider, you will get images with beautiful frames. The finish work made in portrait or landscape can be hanged on the wall as it comes with everything it needs. It would help if you chose a reliable service provider to prepare your images with the best frames. 3


The following components are present in a custom frame:

With the custom frame's help, the photo frame will be made exclusively as per your needs. The finish of the frame, colors, subject, and style will be under your control.

To reflect the image's beauty, you should choose the right size and style of moulding. If you hire the reputed custom framing service provider, you will get access to premium mouldings.

The purpose of picture mounts is to create a little gap between the image (artwork) and the glazing. It is done to prevent damage to the artwork due to condensation. In some cases, the staining of the print will take place due to the intrusion of contaminants. All these damaging effects can be prevented by choosing the right mount.

By using the right kind of glazing, you can protect the artwork from scratches. The intrusion of dirt and dust can be prevented. You can opt for UV protection also in which case the damaging ultra-violet rays will be filtered to the extent of 99%. It will also minimize the reflections from various kinds of lights.

The artwork should hold on to a long period of time. With the help of a quality backing board of 3mm thickness, the artwork will not twist, and the original image can be preserved for many generations.

Reputed Custom Framing Service

With the state of the art website, you will be able to design your frame with your own hands. The design can be accomplished at your convenient time from the comfort of your home or office.

In addition to the standard frames, you can choose a variety of frames to accommodate every form of artwork. You can visualize the frame after choosing the size, style, mount, and accessories.

The reputed custom framing service provider includes the standard solid wood photo frame. As you open the frame from the back, you will be able to insert the artwork very easily.

When you order a custom frame, you will get all the hanging fixtures. The fixture will come with a removable MDF backing board. You can also include crystal clear acrylic in your order.

The images will be framed by professionals with long experience in the preparation of various kinds of frames.

When you choose a custom framing service, the pricing will be based on the frame's length and width. Custom frames will be prepared and assembled as per the order. Hence, they will not be billed as the standards in which case it is billed in inches.

While choosing the custom framing services, you should look for a service provider who implements the highest standards in selecting raw materials and workmanship


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